The UGC Bundle that is Selling like Hot Cakes (Q4 Ads Bundle)

In this article we reveal the top selling UGC bundle. This Q4 ads bundle is selling like crazy and is an absolute win win for both brands and creators.

Nov 3, 2022

As we all know, budgets are the biggest in Q4, and many more brands will be running ads this holiday season.

If you ask any media buyer, or paid ads expert, what’s the most important thing for a successful campaign...

They’ll tell you, "variation in their ad creatives."

Brands and agencies need a LOT of videos to test in their paid ads…

So today, we're going to break down a UGC bundle that you can start offering that is going to sell like crazy this holiday season.

The UGC Ads Bundle

Brands and agencies are getting smart. 

Maybe you’ve already been approached for something like this... 

Let’s say that a brand needs at least 10 video ads per month to test. 

Well, instead of buying 10 videos for $200 each ($2,000 total)… many are going a more clever and budget-friendly route. 

They’re buying fewer videos and asking for the raw footage. 

This is so they can take that footage, chop it up, add some different voice overs or text-to-speech, and produce many more video variations to test in their ads. 

Another thing I'm seeing more often in my community is brands asking creators to film multiple hooks and multiple call-to-actions (CTAs) with each video. 

Then, they leverage all of the combinations of hooks, video bodies, and CTAs, to make many variations to test in their campaigns. 

So, with this in mind, here’s what you’re going to do: 

You’re going to start selling an "Ads bundle" that looks something like this:

The above image shows 16 video variations, split up by the Hook, Body, and Call to action (CTA). 

In this case, the brand is going to receive a total of 16 unique videos from you that they can test in their ads...

Now, I know this looks like a ton of work, but I promise, it's not.

You're going to position the offering like this...

16 unique videos, the combination of:

  • 4 hooks

  • 2 bodies

  • 2 call-to-actions

One of the keys here is that your hooks and CTAs have to make sense with each combination.

I know that the first diagram looked like a lot of work, but in reality all you're filming is 2 full videos and an extra 2 hooks:

Then, you just need to do some editing to create the 16 variations.  See the first diagram for the breakdown.

Will brands actually buy this UGC bundle?

We sent this article out to our newsletter a few weeks ago, and the response has been overwhelming.

Dozens of creators have implemented this bundle and have reported that it is in fact, selling like hot cakes.

Just go to twitter and search "UGC Q4 bundle" - you'll see what we're talking about.

Many UGC creators are offering their own spin on this bundle.

Test this out and feel free to use a different number of hooks, bodies, or CTAs, as well as your own pricing structure.

Speaking of pricing...

How Should You Price this UGC Bundle?

Let’s say you charge $200 per video (right around the average UGC asking price).

You could easily charge $750 for this package, and it would be a steal for the brand... 

$750 / 16 videos = $46.88 per video. What a deal!

And on your end, you’re really only filming 2 complete videos and 2 extra hooks. 

It's a massive win-win for both sides! 

Of course, you don't need to offer this exact bundle... 

Play around with the number of hooks, bodies, and CTAs that you offer to meet the needs of the brand. 

However, we recommend including the highest number of variations with your hooks, since these have the biggest impact on the success of the video and they're easy to film. 

Steal this overall bundle template, and watch how impressed brands will be with your understanding of their needs and how paid ads work!


  • Start offering an ads bundle for Q4

  • In your bundle include multiple hooks, bodies, and CTAs

  • It's a win-win for both sides.  Brands get a cheap cost per video and you only have to film a fraction of the total number of variations.

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