How much should you charge for UGC?

Published November 3, 2022

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Trying to figure out what to charge for UGC (user generated content)?


Well, it’s time to bring some more transparency into creator pricing, specifically for user generated content.

UGC Pricing - Industry Report Overview

Before sharing any numbers, let’s get clear on exactly what we’ll be showing and where we got these numbers.


The data from this report was taken from the Brands Meet Creators applications between April and September 2022.  The creators in this study span multiple industries and platforms.


One piece of UGC, in this case, refers to a 9:16 vertiacal video, between 15-60 seconds in length.


The figures you’re about to see are the asking prices from our creator applications. These have nothing to do with whether the rates were accepted or negotiated.


We want to stress that by no means are we stating in this report that you should be pricing your services a certain way, rather one should interpret this data as, "here is how much the market is asking for right now."

Here's how much creators are charging for UGC

This report is going to break down 3 main sections:


  1. Mean, Median, and Mode UGC price
  2. Average UGC Price by follower count
  3. UGC bundles - discount rates


Alright, let's dive into some numbers:

Mean, Median, and Mode UGC Price

UGC Pricing Chart

According to our data, the average asking price for 1 piece of UGC is $212.


The median asking price for 1 piece of UGC is $150.


The most commonly requested rate (the mode) was also $150.

Average UGC Price by follower count

Another question that we wanted to look into:


Does follower count affect UGC price?


In theory, a creator's following shouldn’t have any direct impact on the price of UGC, since the content isn’t being posted on the creator's account (it gets sent directly to the brand).


However, we did find that the creator's following count had a significant impact on the UGC asking price.

Screen Shot 2022-10-20 at 2.50.01 PM

UGC asking price increases as follower count increases.


Our thinking is that the larger the following, the more experienced the creator, and the better quality of video that they can produce.


Therefore, a higher price tag on the video.


It's not necessarily the fact that they have a lot of followers, it's just that typically, creators with larger followings are more experienced and can create better performing content.

UGC Bundles - Discount Rates

It’s quite common that creators will discount their rate if a brand buys multiple videos.


But how much are creators discounting their content?


We found that bundles of 5 videos were discounted by an average of 19% vs. individual videos.

Screen Shot 2022-10-20 at 3.21.50 PM

On average, creators are asking $854 for 5 videos, which equates to $170 per video (vs. $212)


  • Average UGC asking price: $212
  • Median & Mode UGC asking price: $150
  • Creators with larger followings charge significantly more for UGC.
  • Bundles of 5 videos are discounted at a rate of 19% vs. individual video packages, on average.

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