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Published November 16, 2022

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One of the best ways to pitch a brand is to go directly to the decision maker.


In this article, we'll reveal how to find decision makers and some of the best ways to uncover their email addresses.

The overall process

When you have a brand in mind, and you want to pitch your services, here are the simple steps that you should follow:


  • Finding the brand on LinkedIn
  • Toggle to the people section
  • Identify the decision maker
  • Use tools and plugins to find their email

Finding the brand on LinkedIn

Go to LinkedIn, search for the brand, select companies, and then scroll down and toggle to the people section.

alo People

Now, you'll need to identify the decision maker - the person that you'll want to reach out to.


For small companies (10 people or less), you'll likely want to reach out to the CEO or founder directly.


As the company size gets larger, the decision maker that you'll be reaching out to will change.  For companies between 10-25 employees, you'll likely be reaching out to the CMO, or members of the marketing team.


Large companies will likely have very specific roles that you should reach out to, for example:


  • Influencer Marketing Manager
  • Creator Partnerships
  • Creative Director
  • Social Media Marketing Manager


Once you've identified the decision maker, it's time to find their email address.


There are tons of different tools out there to find email addresses, but we'll be focusing on 3 of the most affordable and effective methods:


  1. Lead Leaper
  2. GetEmail io
  3. Clearbit Connect


These are Google Chrome extensions, each providing about 100 free monthly email searches.


Start off by installing the Lead Leaper extension, then go back to LinkedIn and click on the profile of the decision maker that you want to reach out to.


Once you're on their profile, click on the Lead Leaper extension icon and it will reveal their email address.

Untitled design (23)

Once you run out of free credits, simply download another one of these extensions and cycle through them until you get a fresh batch of credits at the beginning of the month.


If you're doing a lot of email scraping, Lead Leaper also has a pretty inexpensive plan starting at $29 for 3000 email searches, or about $0.01 per email search.

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  • Use LinkedIn to identify decision makers
  • Use Google Chrome extensions like LeadLeaper,, and Clearbit Connect to find emails
  • Leverage multiple tools to maximize free monthly searches

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